Piston Engines

Trust the Experts in Piston Engine Overhauls & Repairs


New Zealand's only specialist in piston engine overhauls, we offer complete and partial rebuilds with a comprehensive range of options tailored to suit your budget. We also overhaul, repair and replace engine components and we have capability across all major engine brands and models.

We overhaul and repair Continental, Lycoming, Pratt & Whitney and Rotax piston engines.

Piston engine services we offer:

  • Sapphire™ premium rebuild (factory-new quality with comprehensive warranty package & new OEM parts)

  • Custom overhauls (designed to suit any budget)

  • Lease and/or exchange engines 

  • Factory exchange engines

  • Engine repair

  • Engine parts and component sales

  • CD-155 diesel engine upgrade

  • Continental diesel servicing (Australasia's sole Continental Diesel Service & Installation Centre)

Please click on the link to our Piston Engine Brochure below to find out more about our specific capabilities.

Piston Engine Brochure

Piston Engines

Our exchange engines are built under our premium Sapphire™ brand and come with 1000 hr or 2 year warranty.

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