New Drone Detection Systems For New Zealand Aircraft

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  • 01-12-2018

Over the last five years the drone market has exploded and with it, there has been an influx of drones into the New Zealand skyline. While for many this provides a great Christmas gift or the way to get the perfect holiday photo for Instagram, those in the aviation industry are well aware of the increased risk it brings to those in the air.

With the increased risk to pilots, their aircraft and passengers, Oceania Aviation has sought to find a solution that will allow pilots to take to the skies with peace of mind and therefore have become the exclusive agent for Soncell, bringing their Drone Detection System to New Zealand.

The Signal Present Indicator (SPI 24) is a small device that when used scans a 3 km radius for the presence of the widely used FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum). If detected, the device signals via an LED display to let the pilot know how close the FHSS is found.

Our Internation Business Developer, Glenn Rawnsley, was tasked with finding a solution and he comments,

"Safety has to be at the forefront of aviation and is an absolute core value for us at Oceania Aviation. When the drone market started to soar we saw and still see the increasing need to ensure our pilots and their aircraft are safe every time they take off. The SPI 24 is the first step in the right direction, allowing pilots to be alerted to nearby drone activity and take the required actions to maintain a safe flight. There is much more that can be done in this area, both in drone use and ensuring aircraft safety and it is an area we are further investigating."

With the first device on its way to New Zealand, please get in touch with Glenn Rawnsley at to find out more. 

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