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  • 01-06-2018
  • Jessica Peckett

As of the 1st of June 2018, Oceania Aviation has partnered with HeliTrak as their sole Dealer in New Zealand. 

Founded by longtime pilots and friends, HeliTrak is focused on reducing pilot workload and increasing safety for the Robinson R22 and R44 helicopter types. HeliTrak produces an innovative, FAA approved Collective Pull Down (CPD) that has been designed to sense the reduced RPM in the event of an engine failure and assists the pilot by pulling the collective down when entering an auto-rotation. Research shows a minimum 6-second delay in pilot reaction, but the CPD has been designed to eliminate this by reacting in less than half a second.

HeliTrak is now working on obtaining FAA approval for their full-featured autopilot system designed for the R44.

Earlier this year our Avionics Manager, Philip Hutchings, approached HeliTrak's VP of Sales & Marketing, Suzanne Steiner, regarding how we could support their product in our region. Two months later and we are now the approved New Zealand Dealer. 

"In this ever-evolving and challenging world of aviation, we are always striving to find ways to make aviation safer for everyone. Helitrak has developed and STC'd such a system to improve the reaction time to assist pilots in recovery of low rotor RPM for the R22 and R44 helicopters and are soon to have an FAA STC'd Auto Pilot for these helicopters can see the advantage of these relatively cost-effective, easy to install systems and that is why we have formed a relationship with Helitrak as their New Zealand dealer." Philip Hutching, Avionics Manager.

Later next month we will have two HeliTrak demos at our booth at the AIA Conference in Nelson. 

If you are interested to learn more please talk with our Avionics Manager.

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Jessica Peckett
Posted by Jessica Peckett
First introduced to the aviation industry by her helicopter pilot husband, Jessica has a Bachelor of Commerce (economics & marketing) from the University of Auckland and is passionate about digital design and UX. She manages the marketing for Oceania Aviation and is supported by two incredible junior marketers who assist in the marketing "magic".


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