Aircraft Sales Welcome Stephen Green Into The Fold

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  • 03-04-2018

Blokes labeled with the name Stephen grow up with an unreasonable burden.

As most of you know, the name Stephen comes from the Greek (language) and means ‘Crown’ and being from the Greek infers a fellow with rock hard physique, tireless stamina, is wickedly clever and a genuine bloke you can rely on in the midst of a storm. Stephen was the first martyr in the bible and many since have often felt like stoning a Stephen to death. However, "Steve’s" feature as Scuba Steve, Captain America, Steve Stifler, Steve Austin and even The Hulk is a Steve. Pretty much if you wanted your kid to have a cool name to live up to in the late 60’s and 70’s… it began with ‘S’.

Josh Camp is no slouch and he identified these values in the first rendition to join the Sales team and the original was so good he decided we needed to clone more. We picked up half-Mexican Steve Reyna late last year (who is often mistaken for Bruno Mars) and then in March 2018 the strategic decision to scoop up a wayward Stephen Green presented.

If you have two, you might as well be all in and have three we thought.

Stephen Green is all those attributes of the Greek. He towers over the other two Stephen’s thanks to wearing boots and having surplus hair. He’s definitely wicked and has worked tirelessly in competition to Oceania Aviation over the years. He is internationally respected for exceptional salesmanship witnessed during his late nights “networking” to being first to the trade stand.

Greens dedication, stamina, and indestructible liver earned him international notoriety in hotel bars across the planet and his list of kills shored up the AIRWORK balance sheet for nearly a decade (well… almost 7 years but exaggeration is also a key part of the Stephen psyche).

Adding Helicopter Pilot to his list of skills only makes him more appealing to his wife and a real hero to his two sons.

Oceania Aviation is a family of people passionately drunk on Aviation and Stephen is no exception - he is a professional lifer and welcomed into our ranks.

“I’ve been in and out of aviation all my life, starting in the 80s with pilot training in the RNZAF to today where I work with a group of true aviation sales professionals promoting all types of helicopters (and fixed wing) to the world. I wouldn’t change my job for anything. I get to travel the world, talk to aviation experts, like those of you reading this, and get to assist operators in acquiring the right aircraft for their mission. While I may be known for my work with the BK117/EC145, try me for any type you require. I look forward to meeting many of you in the near future.”

Greens arrival has serendipitously occurred while we are in the process of importing two BK117 C1s, making his expertise in the BK117 type invaluable both to us and the end user.

Green is the leading salesperson for the BK117 globally. There simply isn’t anyone that knows more about the brand and is more able to educate us luddites on the wonders of VARTOMS and other BK magic. We look forward to what he brings to the table. 

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