Various Divisions Now EASA Part 145 Certified

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  • 25-08-2016
  • Jessica Peckett

Oceania Aviation is pleased to announce that it has been approved for Part 145 EASA certification following intensive audits conducted in 2015 and 2016.

The Part 145 EASA Certification covers a range of Oceania Aviation’s services including:

  • Blade and Composite Repair (more information)

  • Component Service and Overhaul (more information)

  • Turbine Service and Overhaul (more information)

  • Eddy Current Testing – NDT (more information)

  • Piston Engine Repair and Overhaul

These capabilities have been added to Oceania Aviation’s existing EASA certified services: Piston Engine Overhaul, Magnetic Particle Inspection and Liquid Penetrant Testing NDT.

The addition of EASA certification to its present NZCAA Part 145 and Part 148 Certification enhances Oceania Aviation's reputation as a quality maintenance provider endorsing its processes and facilities on the international stage.

Oceania Aviation CEO, Don McCracken commented:

“EASA Certification was a goal we set ourselves as a company in 2014 and to have achieved it is a reflection of the quality of our team and the processes we have developed to ensure Oceania Aviation is globally competitive.”

Being awarded EASA certification enables Oceania Aviation’s Blade, Component and Turbine shops to issue EASA Part 145 Authorised Release Certificates (Form Ones) after the completion of maintenance services, which are recognised internationally and accepted by many civil aviation authorities and regulators around the world.

Jessica Peckett
Posted by Jessica Peckett
First introduced to the aviation industry by her helicopter pilot husband, Jessica has a Bachelor of Commerce (economics & marketing) from the University of Auckland and is passionate about digital design and UX. She manages the marketing for Oceania Aviation and is supported by two incredible junior marketers who assist in the marketing "magic".


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