Airborne Systems New BO105 Mod Approved

  • Airborne Systems
  • 23-08-2016
  • Russell Goulden

Oceania Aviation’s Part 148 Manufacturing team, Airborne Systems have recently completed an Approved Modification to the OEM Hoist arm allowing the replacement of the obsolete Wadell Hoist with a NEW Breeze Eastern HS20200 600lb system on the BO105 Series model.

The BO105 Hoist Arm Conversion was recently certified by an Australian operator and includes a new flange and adapter to fit the Breeze Eastern system. The Modification designed by Oceania Aviation’s Airborne Systems can also permit the installation of the Breeze Eastern HS29700 450lb Hoist as an option.

The Stress Load Analysis conducted on the modified arm was extensive, with the Oceania Aviation Certified Mod tested to excess of 1670kgs or 3674lbs. Airborne Systems’ Chief Inspector, Tony van Tiel commented on the Safety Performance of the system, saying,

“When you know that there’s going to be people on the end of our hoist, you want to be sure that there’s absolutely no chance for failure.”

The Oceania Aviation BO105 Hoist Conversion Arm modification installs an adapter system that attaches a standard Breeze Eastern HS20200 600lb hoist system to the existing hoist boom installed on BO105 rotorcraft as per Airbus BO105 SB 80-9.

The modification installs mechanical provisions only. The aircraft electrical system has to be modified to incorporate the Hoist Electrical Control Box which can be mounted in the cabin, in the rear lower locker or externally.

Russell Goulden
Posted by Russell Goulden
Russell is a highly experienced licenced engineer rated on fixed wing aircraft and helicopters, holding ratings for a large number of single and twin helicopters allowing him to certify all helicopters within NZ and most countries. Heading our Part 148 manufacturing division, Airborne Systems, Russell has led his team in the design and certification for many role equipment and modifications for rotary wing aircraft. Russell provides certified training for several helicopter and engine types under individual Part 147 certifications.


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