MD Helicopters


With a past involving Boeing, Schweizer Aircraft, McDonnell Douglas and the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter, the history of MD Helicopters has many facets. Going back to the very beginning, Hughes Aircraft was founded in 1947 and they manufactured the now very well known and widely used civilian 269/300 and 369/500 helicopter. 

Eventually ending with MD Helicopters Inc buying the rights to the 500 series and NOTAR technology in 2005, the company now produce a range of high performance helicopters. Their range includes the 500E, 530F, 520N, 600N and 902 Explorer which have since been the products of choice for discriminating buyers.

Oceania Aviation is the authorised distributor and service center for MD Helicopters covering New Zealand, Australia and Pacific region in new aircraft sales and parts support.

Our MD Helicopter Capabilities