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  • 25-01-2018
  • Jessica Peckett

After juggling a full-time workload plus dealing with numerous tire kickers, many sellers end up talking to us because what they didn’t realise was that selling an aircraft is a full-time job, in fact, it takes an entire team of people to do it right. And that is where we fit in.

Without professional representation, you’ll likely get less than you could have, and will spend more time ever intended. Not using a broker could cost you many times what you’d save by not paying a commission - a commission that is only paid when the job is done. If the aircraft doesn't sell then no commission needed.

Our team add value to the deal for both sellers and buyers, and that's why its worth having the conversation with us before attempting to sell yourself. Here are 6 reasons why you should consider using us to broker the sale of your aircraft, fixed-wing or rotary.

1) You Will Be Working With Experienced Aviators, As Will The Buyers

Our sales team are experienced and passionate aviators, not used car salesmen trying their hand at selling aircraft. We know the business and we know the aircraft. Our team has well over 20,000 hours and over 40 type endorsements. Because of this, you can rest assured that you are dealing with absolute professionals, as are the buyers. Not only do we intimately know aircraft but we have been in the aircraft sales business for 25 years, we have gone through our teething period and are well accustomed to the in and outs of aircraft sales. Are you?

2) Our In-house Marketing Team Understand How To Get Your Aircraft In Front Of The Right People

Print advertising, digital listings, video, SEO, remarketing, Adwords, landing pages, and email marketing are a few of the tools our marketing team use to get your aircraft in front of the right people. If you don’t understand half of those terms, no one would blame you but that's exactly why we have our own in-house marketing team. The marketing landscape is continuously changing and our team of university educated marketers ensures we are doing everything to help sell your aircraft.

3) We Have An International Audience & The Logistics Capability To Move Aircraft Around The Globe

With an internationally based team and almost 3 decades working around the map, we have built and maintained key relationships with potential buyers in many countries from Russia to Canada, the US to Papa New Guinea. Our marketing tactics also target the international market as we understand that the perfect aircraft may not always be in the same city let alone the same country. And it is for that exact reason that we have our own logistics specialist who has extensive experience moving aircraft around the globe, allowing operators the ability to buy offshore with ease.

4) Trade-In & Finance Options Are Available For Buyers

Can you offer a potential buyer trade-in or financing options? The answer is probably not but as we all know, operators typically need to sell their aircraft in order to buy. A trade-in or financing option might be exactly what it takes to get a signature on the dotted line.

5) Leave The Negotiations, Paperwork, and Transactions To The Team Who Do This Every Other Day

Negotiations are usually best handled at arm’s length. Often having an organization between yourself and the buyer enables a more robust negotiation process and prevents emotions from impacting the result. Once the negotiations are settled we build agreements for both parties, saving thousands of dollars in legal fees not to mention these are delivered with speed, and speed can make or break any deal. In addition to that, we can help with title changes, insurance, and finance.

6) We Buy & Sell Aircraft Plus Everything Else – Maintenance, Parts, Avionics, Repairs & Overhaul

We are a full-fledged Part 145 operation with 10 facilities across New Zealand. Why is this beneficial when selling your aircraft you ask? More often than not a buyer is looking to add value to their new purchase. This could come in the shape of an upgrade to the avionics suite, new interior or a spray system to become an agricultural operator. Whatever the need, we can arrange all of this. Primarily because we do most of it in-house, and what we don’t do ourselves we have long-built relationships with those who do. Meaning we can offer the buyer the best possible deal with all the bells and whistles included, and you sell your aircraft. Everyone’s happy.

This all boils down to the fact that we know what we are doing and we are your best chance at achieving the best possible deal. 

Oceania Aviation is committed to providing superior customer service and creating mutually beneficial long-term customer relationships. This industry isn’t large enough for us to not be good at what we do. Talk to our team about selling your aircraft.

Jessica Peckett
Posted by Jessica Peckett
First introduced to the aviation industry by her helicopter pilot husband, Jessica has a Bachelor of Commerce (economics & marketing) from the University of Auckland and is passionate about digital design and UX. She manages the marketing for Oceania Aviation and is supported by two incredible junior marketers who assist in the marketing "magic".


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