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Our manufacturing division was established as a result of repeated requests for the design and manufacture of specialist role equipment for rotorcraft. Throughout the development stages of our design and manufacture, we collaborate closely with operators, designing products that are cost effective, reliable and that ultimately increase an operator’s payload. Each new product we develop is a result of in-field requirements by operators over the years, and you will find our creations (such as the MD Helicopters agricultural spray system) in wide use throughout New Zealand.

With our assemblies attaining NZCAA STCs, they are automatically accepted in Australia as well as other locations through Asia, South America and Africa. We also work on gaining STCs for our equipment for other countries. For example our AS350 Cargo Pod is approved for use in Canada. 

"Product development and creation is driven by client demand, industry trend and underpinned by a mandate to be innovative, organic and most importantly functional."

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